ADD in the Family

Having both a husband and a teenage son with ADD, I have learned a few strategies for coping with the challenges each of them face.  While the diagnosis was not a surprise, it was simultaneously comforting and disheartening.  I was glad to know there was a medical condition which could be blamed, but the day-to-day struggles of understanding how to handle it, are always there.

The following video clip is from ADD/ADHD Expert Dr. Edward Hallowell’s appearance on the TODAY Show earlier this month.  It’s the story of a couple, married for many years before the husband was diagnosed with ADHD.  The couple shares about how the constant frustration of disorganization, lateness and lack of focus, almost destroyed their relationship.  Luckily, they found treatment options and coping techniques that restored their relationship and can work for many other people who find themselves in a similar situation.


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1 comments on “ADD in the Family

  1. This video is so true, and I have seen these issues so many times with clients that we have worked for or with friends and family. Thanks for posting this Karen!

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