Structure and Organization

Many “creative types” latch onto the idea that to be a true artist, one must be care-free, free spirited, and unencumbered by rules or structure.  I have heard more than one such person say that structure of any kind impedes the creative process.  I disagree.

And so do Drs. Hallowell and Ratey.  In their book, Driven to Distraction, they assert that “structure makes talent possible.”  For it is within the walls of order and discipline that true creativity has the freedom to express itself.

As a professional organizer, I have been witness to the power of structure and its ability to unleash the artist in everyone.  It is hard to focus on anything when chaos surrounds us.  It is hard to have critical moments of clarity when distracted by clutter and disorganization.  It is hard to achieve the necessary peace so that moments of genius can burst forth when we can’t find a pen, or paper, or the phone.

As people filled with tapped (and untapped) talent, I urge us all to embrace and periodically live within the confines of Structure and Organization.  To do so will give us the key to unlock any potential talents that lie, waiting, within us.

Hallowell, E. and Ratey, J. (1995).  Driven to Distraction.  Simon and Schuster: New York.

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