Pack & Go Meal Guide

Anyone who knows me at all, knows who much I love food.  I can often be found perusing the pages of cookbooks and magazines seeking a challenging new recipe to try.  While I don’t subscribe to any cooking magazines, I often grab one on my way to the beach and since we’ve had so many beach days, I’ve been reading even more frequently, my favorite, Cooking Light.

In this month’s Cooking Light, I was delighted to find “1-Cooler, 1-Weekend Getaway” Meal Guide.  It was a plan for 5 meals for four people that is easy to pack and easy to cook.  This clever guide included everything the reader would need to plan meals for a weekend away.  The first page in the guide showed photographs of each day’s meals all prepared.  On the following pages, you’d find the packing list – including how to fit it all in your cooler and a tote bag.  And on the last page, a collection of recipes for each dish on the menu and instructions on what could be prepared ahead.

As a bonus, the recipes were not only simple to make, but healthy and looked mouth-watering!  Anyone could easily take the guide, then pack and go.  A very useful article that I know I will refer to for my next weekend away.  I hope it inspires you to getaway and eat well!

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