Wait Watchers

I was reading my buddy Amanda’s July 14th blog Consequences: Eating and Organizing and it got me to thinking about another way eating and organizing are synchronized. Just as crash diets are bound to fail (and trust me- I’ve tried enough of them!) – so are crash organizing actions.  You know the ones I mean~

  • maybe it’s that frantic run around the house tossing things behind doors -and under beds when you learn that company is coming
  • or the trunkload of containers you lug home from the store only to find they don’t fit the space or hold the stuff
  • how about those junk drawers, closets, attics or basements where things get tossed “just for now – I’ll get to it later”

Crash diets don’t work because they don’t change our fundamental behaviors and relationships with food.  Crash organizing is the same.  Until we SLOW things down to where we can become thoughtful about our decisions and conscious about our choices – we’re destined to see clutter (and pounds) creep right back. I’m not advocating either full-blown “waiting” or full-blown “watching”.  I am suggesting that true, sustainable organizing systems that support your life, nourish your dreams, and that are there for you through thick or thin are those that move with a slow and steady pace.

Are you ready for the challenging yet ultimately rewarding work of loosing those clutter calories- one thoughtful step at a time?

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