The Honor of Sharing Space

As organizers, it is important to be ever mindful of the fact that we are being given the privilege, the honor, of sharing not just physical space with our clients, but mental, emotional, and spiritual space.  And it is that space, the intangible space, which actually matters more.

I had the recent opportunity to work with a woman who had done a lot of moving around and had finally landed, but needed assistance in getting her new home in order.  As we worked through some logistics of what could go where and began the process of organizing her files, it became clear that she was feeling some insecurities and apprehension.  Some of her uncertainty revolved around making sure she got what she needed and that everything would have a place.  But her deeper uncertainties, which became clear with each question she asked, were about herself and her ability to really change her systems and realize her deep-seated goals.

As I listened to her questions, I realized that she was opening up her inner world to us, becoming vulnerable with us, and being transparent enough to allow us to see her deeper needs.  She needed practical suggestions of what goes where.  But more than that, she needed someone to believe in her and tell her so.

It was an honor to sit with her in that space.  It was a privilege to watch her expression change when she was told that yes, absolutely, she could do this.

It is something I will try to keep at the forefront of my mind as I continue to work with people who open their doors, and their world, to me, a virtual stranger, coming to move a desk or two.

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