Being Present

I’m currently reading Eckhart Tolle’s book “The Power of Now” for the second time.  Yes, for the second time!  I understand the importance of quieting that mental noise so that we can find that realm of inner stillness and peace within us.  The present moment is the key…making  the ‘Now’ the primary focus of my life.  But  with working,  2 boys playing 2 sports each, Team Mom for their baseball teams, school fundraisers, teaching sunday school, music lessons, and emails coming at me 24/7….  it is so hard sometimes!  


Then I came across some wise words in a magazine that I’d like to share from “Be Happy Without Being Perfect” by Alice Domar:  


“One of the best ways to learn to be mindful is to take a dog for a walk.   Dogs are always in the moment.  They can take the same walk every day for 10 years and still experience grass in an entirely new way each day.  They’re not worried about the past  (“Why didn’t my people give me some of that chicken they had for dinner?)   or the future  (‘I wonder if my people will give me any chicken when I get home?’).    All they think about is what’s right in  front of them:  the smell of the grass, the basset hound in the yard next door, and the squirrel in the tree across the street.”  


Come on Nicky…let’s go for a walk….


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