Think Like A Blonde

The blonde I have in mind is Goldilocks.  She understood the true meaning of fit – not too big, not too small – just right. This is a great principle to keep in mind when organizing your paper files (among other things!)  Are your categories too big or too small or just right for you?  A folder labeled “BILLS 2010″” is just too big and broad to find anything in easily. Likewise, a folder labeled “COMCAST-JUNE 2010 ” is way too small and limiting as only one piece of paper would be filed here.

So think like Goldilocks and ask yourself what would be just right FOR YOU. A folder labeled “BILLS-JUNE 2010”, or one labeled “COMCAST 2010”, “UTILITIES JUNE 2010” or even “UTILITIES 2010” are all possibilities. How often do you need to access past bills.  Where would you automatically go to look for the information you were seeking? Sorting paper into just the right level of detail for you can make filing and retrieving much less of a bear!

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