Long Distance Learning

I just got back from a wonderful vacation in England and, as always, the act of traveling taught me some great lessons.

1.) Less is more. 11 days with temperatures ranging from low 50’s to mid 80’s rain and sun. Here’s what I packed/wore: 1 skirt, 1 pr jeans, 1 pr black pants, 4 sweater sets, 1 light polar fleece top, raincoat, bathing suit, 2 pr socks/5 pr underwear/lightweight nightgown, pashmina, gloves, 2 bright scarves, dressy flats and sneakers. Add to it camera, hat, umbrella, guidebooks, my favorite pillow, cosmetics and such – I had a carry-on bag that I could actually carry up the stairs in hotels without elevators.  Now why can’t I live that simply at home?

2.) Bring home memories- not clutter.  I thought a lot about what to bring home as “souveniers”. It seemed pretty obvious that I was in the land of tea- and the tins packed nicely in my bag. I brought tea home to suit each person- they can enjoy a good cuppa- without the fear of another snowglobe heading their way. I also snuck in a couple of Christmas  ornaments for my own tree to bring back great memories.

3.) Freedom from clutter is relaxing.  Even the tiniest hotel room is restful for me because there’s not a lot in it besides the most useful items: a good reading lamp, space to hang up a few clothes, an iron if you need it, just enough shampoo. soap and fluffy towels, a pot for making coffee/tea and 2 mugs – and if I’m really lucky- a wee bit of chocolate on the pillow.  Bliss!

So maybe I’m not quite ready to minimize my wardrobe, ditch most of my toiletries or abandon my trinkets – but a nod in that direction can help my home feel more like a vacation spot too!

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