Don’t just have goals. Create a Lifestyle.

If you would have told me over a year ago that my life would include daily beach walks, writing in cafes, and only about 3-5 appointments per week, I would have said “That’s a dream.” But I’m living the dream.
Did it take a ton of hard work? Yes. Did it happen overnight? No. But, was it achievable? Yes.

Why am I telling you this? Because too often when we start thinking about life goals we fail to put them in a context. I want to do X. I want to be Y. But, we don’t take the time to think about what that looks like in terms of a lifestyle.. on the ground, on a daily basis.

Perhaps you’ve read Tim Ferriss’ Four Hour Work Week, or perhaps not. But he is a thought-leader in the world of lifestyle design. Now, by no means am I telling you that I only work four hours each week. What I am pointing out is that living a rich life is less about having money and slogging through your day just to make money and more about being able to choose where and how you spend those irreplaceable hours.

For some people working from home is heaven. For others business meetings sharing ideas and thoughts are a joy. I even know someone who tells me that if she won the lottery she would buy plane tickets all the time just for the productive experience she gets hanging around in airports. For me, the perfect life includes a healthy mix of cafe and beach time.

Do you know where you want to spend your days? Have you taken the time to ask yourself?

What truly brings you the most joy? Where does that experience happen? How can you design your life to spend more time doing that & being there?

Ask the impossible questions. Give your dreams flesh so that you can begin the road to living them. 

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