Ending Home-less-ness

I believe that clutter is a state of home-less-ness and it’s time to end this sad condition!

Everybody and everything needs and deserves a home, a place to call one’s own.  This is not an impossible task when dealing with our stuff.  Here’s 2 major causes that often result in  home-less-ness:

NOT ENOUGH SPACE – No matter how big our space is, there’s always the reality of sheer physical limitations (yes- even those extra storage pods ultimately reach capacity!) So make weeding a virtue and take a good look at what your containers can hold. Remember, a shoe box (1) in a closet (2) in a bedroom (3) in your home (4) are all containers that affect how much can be stored.

NO DESIGNATED SPACE – It’s impossible to “put things back” if you don’t know where “back” is. Get clear on where things should live (based on convenience, usage, aesthetics). Don’t drop them off down the block or in the neighborhood- bring them all the way home.

Even little adjustments, like using big enough hampers and locating them in rooms where laundry is created (yes- that means the dining room too if that’s where your socks drop!) can be a great step in ending home-less-ness in your home!





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