5 Reasons Why an Organizer LOVES her Kindle!

The one year mark has passed, and I have to share with the world why the Amazon Kindle has become one of my MUST-HAVE gadgets (right up with my laptop and iPhone).

  1. Weeded my book collection– After getting my kindle, I immediately went through my entire book collection to see what was available on kindle. Many of those books I MIGHT read again some day, but I decided that if that day comes I would be happy to buy the kindle version and not haul the heavy original around with me. BIG SPACE GAIN ON MY SHELVES.
  2. No over-purchasing– Although I still love to spend time wandering around the aisle of Barnes & Noble, my buying habits have changed entirely. I used to buy a HUGE stack of books and maybe actually read two of the six books I purchased. Now, when I find a title I want, I pull out my kindle (or kinde for iphone which can be easier), and search for whether it’s available in Kindle version. Then, I download the “Sample” for free immediately. Now my kindle home libaray serves as my “To Read” list. When I’m in the mood for a new book I can read the sample, and only if I’m still interested after that first chapter or so will I decide to actually purchase the book. SAVES BOTH MONEY AND SPACE IN MY HOME. 
  3. Reduces need for planning– one of my favorite past-times is going to a restaurant or cafe to read and relax for a while. My kindle now lives full-time in my purse, and thus I never need to plan to bring a book or even a specific book for work and another to relax. The Kindle stores up to 1500 books, so I can just sit down at the cafe and decide on the spur of the moment which book sounds appealing. SAVES DECISION-MAKING POWER.
  4. Significantly reduces the book stack– some things are still not available for kindle (GO AMAZON GO) or are not appropriate for Kindle (high-image: cookbooks, design, etc.) so there are still a few books of which I purchase hard-copies, but a heck of a lot fewer. REDUCES BOOK CLUTTER PILES
  5. Always starts conversations– I am consistently astounded at how frequently people will come over to me and ask: “Is that a kindle? How do you like it.” (The obvious answer being I can’t live without it!!! *grin*) But, I have ended up talking and engaging with many, many people simply because they are intregued enough to start asking questions. ENCOURAGES CONVERSATION AND NEW FRIENDSHIPS

So, there you go… I think I could come up with a bunch more… so perhaps someday I’ll give you a part 2. But, here are the top five reasons why a Professional Organizer loves her kindle.

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