You Don’t Need to Be a Pirate to Have a Treasure Chest

When my clients come across something special that they want to keep but not necessarily display or interact with, I suggest we start a Memorabilia Box.  Like a treasure chest, it’s a safe place to keep precious items rather than tucking them in random places around the house where they can get lost.

Some items that I have seen placed in various Memorabilia Boxes:

  • Newspaper articles
  • Cards from special people or from special occassions
  • Souvenir pins
  • Photos
  • Children’s artwork
  • Awards and plaques
  • Fur from a beloved pet
  • Diaries

The box itself can be anything from a cardboard box in the closet to a decorative box out on display.  Ideally, your Memorabilia Box is stored somewhere in arm’s reach so that when you have something to add (or want to take a walk down memory lane), it is easily accessible.

Keep in mind that this is a box for special items, not just items that don’t have a home.  When you go through your memorabilia box, you want to find your treasures, not just junk.

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