The Keys to My Queendom

I can’t travel far without my keys.  They have a home on a little table by my front door – and they rarely run away from home.  I’ve trained them well.  And since I don’t leave home without them- they’ve become my mini command center while I’m on the go.  Not only do I carry my house keys (and keys to two other doors I have responsibility for) and car keys (and my husband’s and my daughters’s should they loose theirs or get locked out) – I also carry my frequent shopping cards, my gym card, hand sanitizer, pill fob from CVS (with allergy and pain meds plus a couple of aspirins in case of a heart attack- mine or someone elses!) and my new favorite toy- my earbud buddy (Levenger $19).

So I may jingle a bit- but with the size of my collection I rarely misplace them!

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