Where’s Your Wealth? Time or Money

How many times have you recognized that you have a choice between investing time or money? We have all experienced it. I can either work on this project myself for the next few hours (days, weeks), or I can hire someone who can do it for me. I firmly believe that our individualistic culture has us programmed to believe that we MUST do things ourselves. We are all superheros! We can do it all! (Women… we are the worst about this… don’t you think?)

How often have you told yourself: “Oh, I can get that project done in a couple hours. I don’t need help.” Then, hours or days later you discover how foolish you were? Even downright stupid. OK, I’m speaking from experience here. I understand how easy it is to get sucked into the desire to learn everything and do it all myself; to save the money and sacrifice the time. I am frequently stubborn enough that when I want to accomplish something I will “bang my head against it” until I’ve figured it out. Sometimes this is a benefit since rarely do I fail to accomplish something for which I’ve worked that hard.

HOWEVER, too often I lose sight of the extraordinary value of my own time and attention. What is your time and attention really worth? To your family, your friends, your business or company’s work, to YOURSELF and improving your own self care.

The next time you find yourself trying to make that decision between time or money ask yourself these questions:

  1. Am I an expert in this activity?
  2. Will learning it align with more fully living my life’s purpose?
  3. Do I know exactly and with certainty how long such a project will take? (and thus can make a clear and specific investment of time…)
  4. Will doing this activity or task bring me joy?
  5. Who might be thrilled to do this instead of me?
  6. Can I release responsibility for this task and give my support (financial and otherwise) to another?
  7. Am I secure enough in my own strengths to ASK FOR HELP? 

Give yourself permission to release responsibility for something on your to-do list today. What could someone else do for you? Ask for help and grow both yourself and the opportunities for others to support you.


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