The Spirit of Organization

I was chatting with the minister of my church the other day before a meeting when he mentioned that my Facebook posts made organizing sound like a spiritual event. ( DC please forgive the paraphrase!)  And you know what?  I was thrilled – because that is exactly what I intend when I spend time organizing- myself or my clients.  Think about it.  Everything in our lives has an energy- thoughts, things, and behaviors.  What energy do you want to keep and attract.  What energy is it time to get rid of?  As we sort through our lives, culling the distractions, the broken, the no-longer-meaningful objects and actions and choosing with intention only those things that bring meaning, joy and purpose we are on a journey of spirit. We organize to bring order to confusion, spaciousness to overfilled lives, and honor to our deepest values. Opening to possibilities- a pretty great by-product of organizing a desk drawer. 

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