My Little Chat with My Headband

Earlier this week I decided to say goodbye to my favorite headband.  I bought it in Australia when I was studying abroad in 1996.  The past 14 years have not been kind to it.  It’s seen a lot of wear and tear and it’s dropped into the toilet a few times (the toilet was always clean, I promise!)  Many of the teeth have broken off so it doesn’t really work anymore.  I think the last time I wore it was over a year ago, but I haven’t been able to throw it out…until this week.

I was doing my hair, came across the headband for the bizzilionth time and decided that “today is the day.”  I picked up my headband, looked at it good and hard, and said, “Headband, you have been really good to me.  You’ve never given me a headache and you remind me of my adventure in Australia.  But our time together is over now.  Thank you for all you’ve done.”  And I put it in the garbage can.

It sounds silly, but that little heart-to-heart chat with my headband really helped me let it go.   I was acknowledging that it’s held some sentimental value to me, but by talking it through I became able to differentiate between the memories and the object.  The headband is gone, but the memories of Australia remain.

I still would like to find another headband that doesn’t give me a headache though.  If you have any suggestions, please email me!

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