Mama’s Got a Brand New Bag

Every year in honor of Earth Day (April 22) I try to add one new behavior to help Mama Earth.  This year I’m singing the praises of my Baggler Bags.  This cute little red pouch (6″ x 7″)  comes with  3 sturdy nylon bags (each opening to 14″ x 16″) and easily holds 2 or 3 more.  I keep it tucked in the door of my car so that it’s ready to toss into my pocketbook when I go grocery shopping.


But you know how you might end up parking miles from the store, only to realize that you forgot your bags when you get in the check-out line?  I found the persuasion of money helps.  I invested in a $1 CVS Greenbag Tag which gives me $1 ExtraBuck every fourth time I use it and attached it to the handle of on of my Baggler Bags.  Even a quick wrap secured with an elastic sqeezes this down to 3″ x 2″ and that’s small enough to keep easily with me all th time.  The tag helps me to remember to use it- and I now use it everywhere!  No longer do I need to bring home all those plastic shopping bags from department stores etc.


Remember- When Mama’s not happy – nobody’s happy! 

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