The Journey of a Lifetime

Last Saturday night I went to sleep with the words from Alexandra Stoddard’s 1992 book Creating a Beautiful Home on my mind.  She described home as “an outward expression of an inward journey.”


Sunday morning I woke to Ashley Gilbertson’s photo essay The Shrine Down the Hall ( 3/21/10 text by Dexter Filkins) in the New York Times which took a look at the bedrooms America’s young war dead left behind.


I was soul-struck by both.  Looking at the bedrooms brought the aching sense of who these young people were-their dreams, hopes and fears as expressed in their most intimate space.  Their rooms were  filled with the totems and  touchstones that spoke to who they were at the  deepest level.


Our homes say so much.  It’s important to let them grow and change along with us. Take a look at your own space.  What does your home say about the journey you are on? 



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