Tossing the Bouquet

Thursday was my 8th wedding anniversary, and I’m finally ready to toss the bouquet…for good.

My wedding bouquet was beautiful- orange and cream roses, fresia and dark orange tulips.  It was perfect for me and for our wedding day.  It was also a gift from my dear friend Leslie.

I’ve kept it all these years.  First, it was on my dresser.  Then it was on my headboard.  Now it is on the top shelf of a bookcase that is tucked in the corner of the bedroom where no one ever sees it.  It’s faded.  It’s dusty.  And everytime I look at it, I feel like I “should have” preserved it better.

Well, my anniversary gift to myself is to let go of the guilt and to let go of the bouquet.  I have a photo of it from our wedding day and that’s all I really need.  I feel really good about the decision.  I feel a little freer.

Do you have any bouquets, literal or figurative, that you are ready to toss?

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