Scarves got you tied up?

I’ll admit that I’m addicted to scarves.  I blame it on my Inner French Girl! They don’t disappoint me when I gain weight, they cover a multiple of sins, they jazz up old outfits, create multiple looks when added to the same basic pieces, reclaim bad-hair days, brighten my mood– what’s not to love?

But loving them in the extreme comes with a cost.  I’ve spent years trying to figure out how to store them all. They slip off of hooks and develop unchecked growth tossed into a drawer.

My solution – those magnificently multi-purpose zipper plastic bags!  I spread out my collection – matched up similar scarves (by style, color, or any other way that makes sense) and packed them up together.  Now when my outfit calls for a touch of blue I pull out the one bag that houses a selection of my favorite blue scarves, retrieve the perfect one-and reseal.  Even better, I can roll the bag to squeeze out the extra air.  This photo shows my small top bureau drawer with 36 scarves at my finger-tips.

Scarves add ZIP to my wardrobe – and this easy solution adds ZIP to my scarves!

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