Create space to grow in your home, in your life

I’m very excited to be working with 3 different groups this January to offer Healing Your Home: Releasing, Cleansing, and Healing Your Space. The first event is tomorrow, Saturday, January 9th at the Newbury Town Library. See our event calendar for details. I feel very passionately about this topic because it speaks to the deep internal process that we encounter frequently during the organizing process.


Our lives are a tapestry of items and memories, and our homes are the containers in which we hold both that tapestry and our process of weaving it. However, as most of us discover, our lives, like Mother Nature, need a cycle of clearing away the excess in order to create space for new growth. In the natural world, I have heard it called “creative destruction,” referencing examples such as forest fires that create the space for new growth to occur.


In our own lives undertaking this process requires intention… unless you’re waiting for Mother Nature to do it for you by striking your home with lightning or swamping it by the next Hurricane Katrina (not a great solution if you ask people who’ve had such experiences.), no one will undertake the clearing process for you.


Healing Your Home speaks to the powerful personal work we can do if we make this process more intentional, if we recognize and bring power to the action. Releasing, cleansing, and healing in this context are the phases we experience in order to create room for new growth… they must and will happen for you at some point in your life. Why not be aware and learn techniques to allow them to happen holistically and with care?


I hope you will join us and own your part of the process and experience of healing your home, discovering the power of creating a life “well-lived.”


See our event calendar for an upcoming date, or contact us if you would like to have this presentation offered for your organization.

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