Sticking With Velcro

This week I came across two new Velcro interventions!

 Car Note Pad with suction cup (found in a closet)

The instructions say to wet the suction cup and apply to the windshield but this didn’t work for me – obstructing my view and the suction didn’t hold.  I bought some adhesive-backed Velcro, applying a strip to my dashboard where it was convenient and a strip to the back of the clip.  Presto! A secure hold for the clip- I took out the note pad and use it as a visible place to clip all those things I need if I’m out running errands (like shoe repair stubs, lists all the little things of life!)

 I’m forever searching for my cell phone in my car and found the solution with Velcro again (no more right-handed fumbling in my bag while my left hand steers!)  Velcro (rough side) next to my radio- Velcro (soft side) on the back of my phone – voila!- my phone is easy to pick up, put back and remove to stick (no pun intended) in my purse!

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