Vampires – Good or Bad?

I couldn’t resist sinking my teeth into this topic as the teens in my life breathlessly anticipate tonight’s screening of New Moon   (the film based on Stephanie Meyer’s hit novel.) 

 My vote:  Edward = GOOD     Energy vampires = BAD

 You know the ones I’m thinking of – the people, places, activities, behaviors and things that rob you of vitality and focus.  What are the areas in your world that suck the life out of you?  Maybe it’s the overfilled garage that can’t shelter a car, the overstuffed closet that never has anything in it to wear, or the overbooked planner that squeezes out any time for exercising.  You might want to look beyond those obvious vampires with their really big fangs to the more subtle yet still lethal ones. These are the little things we tolerate and try to ignore- the waste basket that’s just too small and slightly too far away from the sink, the unstamped mail forgotten (again) on your desk as you head to the Post Office or the time spent searching for the car keys which lead a nomadic existence your – never staying twice in the same spot.

 What one little toleration can you drive a steak through that would bring some ease to your life?  What needs to happen first? Commit to taking that step now.

 You deserve so much more than a life that is merely tolerable don’t you?  Be your own hero and vanquish those vampires!


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