Never wear anything that panics the cat!

I LOVE this quote. It seems appropriate advice at this season of ghosts and goblins – but also serves as a reminder as I change over my clothes to the reality of darker, colder days. My closet overhaul takes time (and a full length mirror) because it is always a moment of reckoning. What shape is my body in this year? What hemline looks best? Are these shoes out of date? Does this color wash me out? Did I love wearing this last year? And, of course, the ever-faithful “What was I thinking?”

 Life is WAY TOO SHORT and closet space WAY TOO PRECIOUS to have anything hanging in there that doesn’t light me up, make me feel great, boost my confidence, or reflect my personality. I’d rather have a few perfect things I wear many times – than fiddle-with, pull-down, cover-up, and generally regret a bunch of things that – may I suggest – just might panic the cat! 


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