Organizing Your Time – Assigning

The next step is to assign tasks to a slot of time. For instance, decide that bills will be paid on the Fridays that correspond to payday. Dinner with friends fits best on Saturdays because Sundays are usually spent with family. Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays will be gym days. 

Now that you have weeded down your tasks and Commitments to the things that you want and need to do, assign them in a way that fits your schedule and your goals. Paying your bills consistently will prevent late fees and reduce your stress. Spending time with friends once a week will accomplish your goals to have fun and stay connected to friends. Exercising several days a week will boost your energy, health and your self-esteem. 
Once you begin to view your tasks this way and take control of your schedule, all those things that you want and need to do become steps toward achieving your goals, rather than time commitments that drain you. Your schedule will begin to work for you and your life.

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