Or maybe I can. 

I’ve started reading David Allen’s classic Getting Things Done. He introduces the concept of the “open loop” – which he defines as “anything pulling at your attention that doesn’t belong where it is, the way it is.” These are the incompletes in life- big or small- that continually take up space in your head.

One of my big “open loops” is the world of money. Paying bills, dealing with insurance companies, researching questionable credit card charges, balancing the check book, managing investments- they all factor big in my “things to be procrastinated on” list. I may have an MBA and a Wall Street background- but my personal financial chores are no fun. Instead I’m constantly running this “to-do” list through my head, wondering when I’ll finally take the time to sit down face to face with my calculator. Give me a basement to clean out or a closet to organize and I’m in heaven. Give me medical bills to sort and I’m in… well you get the drift.

Procrastination is inevitable with things we don’t enjoy- but how can I loosen the grip of that constant nagging feeling I’m not doing something I need to attend to?

Welcome to Money Mondays! In organizing we know that everything needs a home. This isn’t just for our physical stuff- but for our activities too. Knowing that Monday is the day that I deal with all things money allows me to relax the part of my mind that keeps reminding me DON’T FORGET TO PAY THE BILLS! I know that come Monday- I’ll be cozying up with my paperwork so there’s no need to fret on Thursday. I like Monday because, having gotten the dreaded task out of the way at the beginning of the week – I’ve cleared the decks. Some activities will take more time than I can allot on any given Monday – so I break these down into small steps that I can accomplish over a couple of Mondays.

The real magic of Money Mondays is that they allow me to relax and enjoy Fabulous Fridays!


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