The canvas can do miracles – just you wait and see!

I’ve been thinking a lot about sailboats this week. They’re quickly coming out of the water here in New England, but last week’s trip to San Diego brought me close again to those magnificent creations of wood and canvas. Sailing has taught me a lot of life lessons – one is the concept of plotting out a course and staying on it, correcting and coming back on course throughout the journey. Sure there are always things going on above deck or below, but the Captain’s primary focus of attention is arriving safely at the desired destination. A boat can’t pull in to two ports at the same time. 

The same is true for us. In an age where “multi-tasking” not only seems to be a virtue but also seems to be achievable, it is wise to remember that we truly can only focus on one thing at a time, one port at a time. The Captain’s decision is “will this take me where I want to go or lead me off course?” Our decision is “does this object, thought or action bring me closer to my heart’s vision or further away?” We can hold on to things, thoughts or behaviors that slow us down and keep us anchored in the past – or we can make choices that put the wind in our sails and move us closer to the port our soul dreams.
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