What exactly do we do as professional organizers?

Someone once asked me if a professional organizer is “just a parent-figure telling people to ‘Go clean up your room!’”

No. Not even close.
Professional organizers may be experts, but we will never scold you like a parent. Instead, we will guide you along a path. We will:
  • Ask you questions to help you understand your own priorities and values.
  • Help you recognize what you are already doing well so we can learn what organizational strategies work for you.
  • Customize a system for you that you can maintain.
  • Revise systems if necessary. If one plan is not working for you, we will find one that does.
  • Get our hands dirty and work along side you as you make decisions to improve your life.
  • Encourage you if you get frustrated, overwhelmed, or confused.
  • Offer ideas and suggestions but allow you to maintain control of your space. You make all the final decisions. This is your space and your life.
Sounds kind of exciting, huh?
And, believe me, the view from the end of the path is worth all the work!


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