I don’t know about you- but the way to my man’s heart is frequently through his wallet. Combine frugal Yankee traits with a lack-luster economy, and you may relate to his (and my) reaction to “wasting “ money. Nevertheless, it happens more than it might due to the simple fact of forgetting a cardinal rule of organizing: EVERYTHING HAS A HOME!

Earlier this week was just one more example of how true this is. I was absorbed at my computer when I heard him call out from the next room- “Do you know where the soil-test kit is?” It was a perfect day for him to do this-he had the time, the weather was cooperating, and the lawn was looking the worse for wear. “Where did you look?” I answered. He had tried the “usual suspects”- the kitchen odds&ends drawer, the gardening supplies in the laundry room, the shed, the workroom- but no sign of this kit. We knew we had it- but where? In frustration and running out of time, he drove to the garden center and bought another.
Purchase of a new kit- $12.50, auto expense- $3.00, interrupting my concentration-don’t even go there, frustration at a simple task turning into a 45min procedure- priceless!
All the garden related supplies will be getting a new home.
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