Creating a home for love to bloom

 I was having a girls-night recently. I love these chances to catch up and frequently explore topics that only close friends would wander into. Even still, I was surprised when my update about joining Living Peace as a Professional Organizer triggered one of my friends to reveal that she had grown up in an extremely chaotic household. The stories of what it was like to be a kid in a disorganized house were filled with regrets. She recalled being too embarrassed to bring friends home. As a child, she was angry that her parents were unwilling to acknowledge her pain and do something about it. As an adult, she felt helpless in trying to bring order to her parent’s world. 

“Professional Organizing is just what my mother needs,” she said. “Someone who could help, without all the dynamics of mother/daughter thrown in.” My friend hit it on the head. Often it does require compassionate assistance from someone whose only agenda is to help you get to where you want to be – someone who hasn’t spent years being worried, frustrated, and ashamed – someone who will appreciate the challenges of “letting go” of things without letting up on taking action.
 – I wonder how things would have turned out if her mother understood the costs    disorganization created for her children.
 – I wonder even more about what might have happened if she saw the costs she herself paid, weighted down with stuff which got in the way of her own life vision. 

 – I mostly wonder what it would have taken for her mom to choose to move from bud to blossom.


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