WHAT, it’s not about the Stuff?

“WHAT, it’s not about the Stuff?”

Wow!! I was really caught off guard by that theory!! Before starting as a Professional Organizer with Living Peace, LLC, I prided myself on what I thought organization was all about.  I had a clear vision of how I was going to use my “natural talent” to help others zoom through all of their stuff and make the remaining stuff look pretty. Watch out Martha Stewart…

I’ve learned a thing or two since joining Living Peace that makes a whole lot of sense.  The mess, if you will, or stuff is not the problem; it is merely a symptom of a life change you have experienced.  Whether the change be a major event like having your first child or something a little less life altering like your seasonal clothing swap in your closet, both examples can cause you to feel overwhelmed by even the simplest of tasks. For me that really hit home!

Now I know what I what I’m really here to do is help clients with the journey they will be taking toward a less stressful, more efficient lifestyle. The actual stuff was secondary…


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