What You Should Know About Being a Professional Organizer

Have you ever wondered what BEING a professional organizer is like? What is it all about? This video from Living Peace Founder, Erin Elizabeth Wells, offers you her 3 insights into what’s involved in being a successful professional organizer… and it might smash some expectations or myths that new organizers seem to frequently believe.

Visions for Growth- “For Organizers” video

For my fellow veteran organizers- this one’s for you! Thinking about where to go with your business next? Feeling like it’s time to make a change, but unsure where to start? This video will point you to the key questions that might give you the direction you need. Erin Elizabeth Wells, Founder of Living Peace, […]

Laundry Organizing- Living Peace Tuesday Tips

Getting laundry sorted and done consistently is part of all our daily lives. In this video, Hillary Adams Case offers a great tips for keeping clothes sorted and making them easily transportable to the dry cleaner, seamstress, or laundomat.

Non-Clothes Closet Organizing- Living Peace Tuesday Tips

Do you have a spare closet that is crammed full of stuff, and it seems like it’s about to jump out at you every time you open the door? This video with Living Peace Professional Organizer, Amanda Darlack, is for you offering two great suggestions for making that space more functional and helping you find […]

5 Tools to Start Your Business as a Professional Organizer

In this video, Living Peace Founder & CEO Erin Elizabeth Wells suggests her 5 tools to start your business as a professional organizer… most of which would apply to other small businesses as well. If you’re a new organizer or new entrepreneur, you won’t want to miss this one!