Productivity Apps- Living Peace Tuesday Tips

Gabriela Burgman, Living Peace Professional Organizer, offers some online resources to help track where your time is being spent. Suggested resources: Rescue Time: Time Doctor:

Time Management: Start at the TOP of Your To Do List

There are lots of things you start at the top, for example: Ice cream cones Writing letters Washing windows And when the To Do list just looks too daunting, that’s where I start – at the top. It’s tempting to look at the To Do list like a buffet menu. Which would be good to […]

Basic Organizing: Keeping Track of Your Keys

I confess that I’ve had to work hard at keeping track of my keys. At home, they always go on the hook right inside the door. That’s worked well for years.  But I’ve had trouble keeping track of my keys when I’m not at home. Just put them in your purse, right?  Well, I have this […]