Procrastination: Of Eating Elephants and Frogs.

Procrastination:  Of Eating Elephants and Frogs.

What do you do when you have a large project to work on? Are you overwhelmed by it the sheer size and scope of the project?  Do you find yourself pushing the project further down your To Do list?  Is there one particular item on your To Do list that has been on there for […]

The Sound of Distraction

My brother spent time in Tokyo and he told me the most surprising cultural difference in that city and Boston?  Noise.  Part of what we love about Bostonians is their exuberance.  Walk through the streets of Beantown and hear loud conversations, bursts of laughter, elaborate ringtones and bass beats pumping from cars passing by.  We […]

Task Management- Planning AND Spontaneity

Have you ever had one of those days when the world aligned and you managed to find time and energy for tasks you had never planned to do that day? That has been my day today. It started out as what my Living Peace colleague Susan would call “Money Monday” i.e. paying bills, running payroll, […]