Holiday Scheduling- Living Peace Tuesday Tips

Hillary Case, Living Peace Professional Organizer, brings you some suggestions of tools to use to help schedule holiday gatherings.   Tools suggested: Google Calendar: Doodle: Google Drive (formally Google Docs):

Decide to Decide: Organizing is about Follow-through

In the organizing industry, we have a phrase coined by Kathy Waddill, “decide to decide.”  What does this mean?   In her book The Organizing Sourcebook, Waddill talks about “decide to decide” as the need to follow through with projects and tasks in our lives.  I see this most with my clients in the follow […]

7 Tips to Add Wellness to Your Daily Life

In our very busy modern lives, we tend to run from one appointment to the next, jumping from task to task as if we were in a race of “who-can-get-more-done-in-a-day.”  But how do we feel at the end of the day?  If it’s tired, grumpy, frazzled, or stressed, it’s time to take a fresh look […]