Book Review: A Year To Clear

Book Review: A Year To Clear

I was fortunate to attend a presentation a couple years ago to our local NAPO (National Association for Professional Organizers) chapter by Stephanie Bennett Vogt about clearing your home with spaciousness and intention.  Stephanie is a leading space-clearing expert, international speaker, and blogger/author. I recently read her book A Year To Clear, “a journey of […]

5 Strategies to Survive Life’s Transitions

Our Lives are Full of Transitions Whether due to the challenging economy, the change of seasons, or the Back-to-School rush, many of us are experiencing a life transition that we’re trying to navigate. Your transition may be routine (like preparing your closet for the upcoming winter season), or it may include a new home, new […]

It’s Smoothie Time! Keeping it all Organized

I am a huge fan of green smoothies for breakfast!  I have been making them for over a year now, and although I tend to stick with a few of my favorite recipes, there are hundreds of recipes available online. Check out Nutriliving, Simple Green Smoothies or even Pinterest. You can do a Google Search […]