Product Review: Acco Hanging Data Binders

Product Review: Acco Hanging Data Binders

I have been working with a client in her office at work.  She is responsible for the retention and archiving of company records and therefore has need for a strong organizational system in the office’s file room.  The previous method of storing paper was primarily in three-ring binders.  The use of binders was great for […]

Product Review: Custom Drawer Dividers

These drawer dividers are a great alternative when traditional drawer organizers do not work.  In working on a desk organizing project with a client, we discovered that the pre-made drawer organizers in stores were either too big or too small.  We wanted to be able to take advantage of as much space as we could. […]

Hugo’s Amazing Tape: Product Review

  I learned of Amazing Tape– this reusable tape product some time ago when I saw it in use at a game store my husband frequently visits.  The cool aspect of this product is that it does not stick to other things the way traditional tape does, it only sticks to itself and is reusable. […]

Store Craft Projects in Clear Sweater Bags

Organizing and containing crafts is a part of several of my client’s worlds.  One trick I learned years ago from my mum is to reuse the plastic bags that new linens come in.  They have a nice zipper top (usually) and best of all, they are clear for easy viewing of the project being contained. […]

Smart Phones Are For More Than Making Phone Calls

The invention of the smart phone has changed our world in more ways than one.  In the world of organizing, smart phones can be utilized to help keep lists, schedules and general information.  This in turn leads to less clutter (both in your home and head!). When working with a client recently, we came across […]

Use CD Binders for Music and DVD’s

If you have a large music and/or DVD collection, consider using binders to store them instead of the plastic cases they come in.  The cases take the most space and you could find a lot more space in your home by ridding youself of all the plastic.  CD binders can allow you to keep the […]

Travel Idea: Packing Make-Up

Travel Idea: Packing Make-Up

I find the older I get, the more products I need on a daily basis to create the “natural” look. And when I travel, I try and do carry-on whenever I can, so limiting my liquids to the quart size baggy is critical. Sometimes even the allowed 3oz of a product is just too much and […]