Archival Photo Storage: Pros, Cons & Tips – Living Peace Tuesday Tip

Archival Photo Storage: Pros, Cons & Tips – Living Peace Tuesday Tip

In today’s Tuesday tip, Gabriela Burgman, Living Peace Professional Organizer discusses photo storage boxes. In this video she shares the pros and cons for the different options available and offers some tips so that your photos are safe and protected for generations to come. Other links:   University Products         Hollinger Metal […]

Product Review – Container Store Clear Storage Bins

In the Living Peace approach to organizing, utilizing bins and containers is step four in our five step process.  While we don’t advocate using bins and containers for the sake of it, there are certainly times when utilizing a tool will help facilitate an organizing system.   One style of bin I use frequently are […]

Product Review: Container Store Clear Card Keeper

I was introduced to the card keeper organizer when a client purchased several to organize her extensive collection of note cards. Overall I liked the product and would recommend them to others.  Here are the pros and cons: Pros: Attractive clear container Stores all your notecards in one location Separator tabs allow for labeling categories […]

Top 10 Smartphone Apps We Love

Have you ever wondered what types of apps professional organizers use on their smart phones? Recently the Living Peace crew shared their favorite apps. We hope you will benefit from this list, gaining more time and having less stress. These are not in any significant order. 1. Grocery iQ (Free – iPhone, iPad, Android)What makes […]

Product Review: Extra Storage Closet

I have used a few different versions of self-contained storage racks with a client recently.  We have been constructing them to store seasonal clothing stored in the attic.  The enclosed nature of the rack provides protection from dust and critters.  My client has a few different brands of the product, but by and large they […]

Halting the Catalog Flood Starting Today

Is your mail box getting stuffed each week with a growing number of catalogs from your favorite stores to those you don’t remember signing up for? Are they mounding up on your counter/table because you think you might look at them or are they filling up your recycling bin (and you feel guilty about all […]

Product Review: Intro Metro Shelving

I constructed Intro Metro shelving for the first time with a client last week.  Assembly was relatively straitforward but did require a minimum of two people.  I had heard horror stories of how difficult these shelves were to assemble, and was dreading this part.  Maybe the pieces have changed in the past few years, or […]