Organizing Your Time – Sorting

One of the first and fundamental lessons at Living Peace is the 6 steps to organizing: Sort, Weed, Assign a Home, Buy/Locate, Setup, and Label.  What I love about these steps is that they can be used to organize anything, including your time.  I learned this at Living Peace and also through books like Julie […]

“The Reality of Time”

“The Reality of Time”

 Do you ever wake up bright and early on a Saturday morning (okay, maybe not bright and definitely not early) and think: I am going to get that project done? You know you have nothing else planned, so you have the time.  I did exactly that this weekend. Somehow the hours passed, each one occupied with something […]

Learning to Ask for Help

 This week we talked about recognizing when it is “time to invoke help.” I remember thinking: Yes, that is a very important skill to learn and of course, I do it all the time. Sometimes tackling a task on your own just does not make sense. It is often not worth the consequences or your time lost. A […]

“The hurrier I go, the behinder I get”

She couldn’t pinpoint the tipping point- but something she added to her schedule caused her to go into frantic mode.  “If I could just move faster, multi-task quicker and, maybe, sleep a little less at night- I should be able to get to everything on my Planner” she lamented, whooshing in late to meet me […]