Product Review: Acco Hanging Data Binders

I have been working with a client in her office at work.  She is responsible for the retention and archiving of company records and therefore has need for a strong organizational system in the office’s file room.  The previous method of storing paper was primarily in three-ring binders.  The use of binders was great for […]

File Organizing: Use Stickers to Identify File Homes

In the process of revamping a client’s filing system recently, I recommended using matching colored interior and exterior file folders to help identify different parts of her world: family, bills, home etc. (This system is described in detail by Erin Elizabeth Wells in this video.) While color-coding a filing system is a great long-term organizational tool, it […]

Think Like A Blonde

Think Like A Blonde

The blonde I have in mind is Goldilocks.  She understood the true meaning of fit – not too big, not too small – just right. This is a great principle to keep in mind when organizing your paper files (among other things!)  Are your categories too big or too small or just right for you?  A […]