Tips and Insights from the NAPO Conference 2016: A Living Peace Re-Cap

Tips and Insights from the NAPO Conference 2016: A Living Peace Re-Cap

The Living Peace team recently attended the National Conference for our trade organization, NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers). Professional organizers from around the US and the globe attended this year’s conference in Atlanta, GA to learn about trends and techniques in our profession. There are many different types of organizers and I heard from […]

A Giving Strategy

Around this time of year, I find clients receiving an influx of mail from charitable organizations soliciting donations.  It can be difficult to sort through the mail and make decisions about how much to give and which organizations to support. At times, discarding the mail can be a challenge and often leaves you feeling guilty. […]

Shop Your Own Pantry and Save Money

If your children have recently left the nest, you may be surprised at how full your pantry still is. Maybe you shop in bulk, and now you have 15 boxes of rice pilaf and no idea how you accumulated so many! or you’ve been coupon shopping and now you have more than you thought. This […]

Your Wedding Dress – What to Do with it after the Big Day

Wedding dresses tend to be one of the more challenging pieces of clothing organizers encounter with their clients. Our clients tend to fall into one of three camps: ladies who want to keep their dresses long term, ladies who love their dresses but not the space they take up, and ladies who want to pass […]