Meal Planning That You Can do Right Now

There is a myth out there that meal planning has to be this amazingly hard thing, and that only stay at home moms really have time to do it. Well, I am here to help debunk that myth. I do understand how it can seem like meal planning can be this super hard thing. But […]

Meal Planning Card System

My Meal Planning Story Many who know me well are aware that for years meal planning has been an achilles heel of mine. It always felt like it was too time consuming and burdonsome to make the effort. I’ve tried numerous systems and solutions including outsourcing the activity! I think, as a single person, cooking […]

Creating a Monthly Meal Plan: Step 3 – Creating Grocery Lists

In my previous two posts, I described how I’ve been creating a month’s worth of meal plans by choosing recipes and then scheduling them.  Now, it’s time to make the grocery lists! What you will need: Your collection of recipes on sticky notes organized by week The cookbooks and recipe cards for all the meals […]

Creating a Monthly Meal Plan: Step 2 – Scheduling Meals

In the last post, I described how our family collected recipes in order to create a rotating meal plan. This post will describe the next step: deciding side dishes and scheduling meals for each week of your rotation. What you will need: Your collection of recipes written on sticky notes and organized into categories (see […]

Creating a Monthly Meal Plan: Step 1 – Collecting Recipes

In a previous post, I shared how our family was going to set up a monthly meal plan rotation in order to save time and energy in the coming stressful months.  I wanted to share with you exactly how we are doing that. Step One- Collecting Favorite Recipes What you’ll need: Cookbooks and recipe files […]

Planning a Meal Rotation to Avoid Eating Out

Last year was tough for our family. We are working at maximum capacity with very little margins, both in terms of time and finances. Unfortunately, one of the first things I neglect when I’m tired and stressed is meal planning. Let’s just say that, after last year, the restaurants in the area know us by […]