Create space to grow in your home, in your life

I’m very excited to be working with 3 different groups this January to offer Healing Your Home: Releasing, Cleansing, and Healing Your Space. The first event is tomorrow, Saturday, January 9th at the Newbury Town Library. See our event calendar for details. I feel very passionately about this topic because it speaks to the deep […]

The Giver Always Receives More

The Giver Always Receives More

At this time of year, we are surrounded by the spirit of giving and generosity. As a Professional Organizer, I have experienced that every day, with every client, we have the opportunity to both give and receive gifts of exceptional value.  We give our clients two things: our attention and our advice. However, when framed […]

One Habit at a Time

Getting organized is a lot like losing weight.  Slow and steady is the best way to make lasting changes.  We want to see results fast, but when we expect ourselves to change so many habits at once, we set ourselves up for failure.  The results won’t last and you’ll find yourself actually gaining clutter, whether […]

The Little Things in Life

I am quickly learning that it is about the little things in life.  Those small moments that happen everyday, that make us pause for just a second.  In terms of our lives and our spaces, a little thing could be the look of a clean desktop first thing in the morning.  It could be that […]

When Personal and Professional Worlds Collide Online!

The Old World of Separate Lives We have been taught for decades that we have different spheres in our lives: personal friends, family, and professional relationships (to name just a few). We are many things at once: Wife/husband/partner Parent/Grandparent Professional/Employee/Manager/Executive Friend Community member/volunteer   With the Industrial Revolution, our working lives increasingly moved out of […]

Thinking Pink

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.   One in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime. I was one of those women five years ago.    If you’re a “sister survivor” – clear a path for the gift of your beautiful life by getting rid of whatever clutter may be weighing you […]

Falling Back Into Old Habits

Falling Back Into Old Habits

 Organizing is about making choices and creating habits. I recently talked about aiming for balance, not perfection. As much as I believe in this, there are times when I fall back into my old habits of perfectionism. When and why does this happen? It happens when life sends me a challenge. Ironically, my perfectionism, which is a lack of self-control, […]

Learning to Practice Presence

 One of the things that I am most excited about in joining the Living Peace team of professional organizers is that I will get the chance to learn from some of the industry’s best!  Though there are many mediums to facilitate the learning process such as books and articles, my greatest learning experience will come from […]

5 Strategies to Survive Life’s Transitions

Our lives are full of transitions… Whether due to the challenging economy, the change of seasons, or the Back-to-School rush, many of us are experiencing a life transition that we’re trying now to navigate. Your transition may be routine (like preparing your closet for winter), or it may include a new home, new job, new […]