‘Tis the Season to Organize … Toys!

The holiday season has started. Christmas and Hanukkah are less than 2 months away! So now is the perfect time to gather the kids and organize their toys before more toys come into the home. Depending on the age of your kids and the amount of toys, this project can sometimes span a few days […]

Organizing Projects for a Snowy Day

If you live in the Northeast or any part of the country where it snows often during the winter, you eventually get a little cabin fever.  Why not channel that extra energy into something productive?  Here are some ideas for organizing your home on a snowy day (for those who live in non-snowy areas, perhaps […]

Kids and Organizing: Create an Allowance and Chore Chart

The end of the school year is upon us, which means more time with the kids! Summer also means more free time for kids. If you’ve been thinking about how to give your kids more responsibility, this can be the perfect time of year to ease them into some new, more helpful habits. This summer, […]

Organizing Book Review: Growing-Up Organized by Lea Schneider

In preparation for my presentation “The ABC’s of Raising Organized Kids,” I’ve come across a little gem of a book. Growing-Up Organized: A Mom-to-Mom Guide by Lea Schneider is an easy-to-read book brimming over with practical suggestions for organizing both your home and your time.  It covers: Children’s bedrooms Closets Homework Toys Laundry Chores Time […]