“Do I need to keep this paper?” Six questions to ask yourself

From time to time, we all ask ourselves, “Do I really need to keep this paper?”  Here are six questions, based on Judith Kohlberg’s “Gathering Guidelines,” to help you make that decision. Do I know or understand this already? Am I still interested in knowing this? Is a better, fresher version of this likely to […]

A Professional Organizer & Her Clothes Closet

Into every life a little organization must fall, even a professional organizer’s. There are several areas of my home that are due for a tune up. What most people don’t recognize is that organizing isn’t something that you do once and are eternally done. Your life and your systems change. Your needs change. You bring […]

Creating a System for Home Projects

Losing track of the projects you want to get done around the house?  Us too!  As homeowners, my husband and I are constantly adding to a very long list of home projects and things we would like to get to around the house and yard.  The list had become overwhelming, the piles hard to manage, […]

Is a Bigger House More Organized than a Little House?

I have been working with a client in a small home with four family members.  She often comments on how small the house is and “how it would be easier to be organized if she had more space.”  I had to break the news to her that I highly doubted that her home would be more organized if […]

A Fresh Perspective

I have found a common trend when going into a client’s home for the first time.  When we as organizers offer suggestions about moving or removing furniture in order to make more space, the clients are surprised by the ideas.  When we live in a space day after day, we often overlook the options for […]

Repurpose a Dishwasher Silverware Rack

If you are replacing your dishwasher, consider keeping the silverware rack from the old dishwasher.  This can be a great tool to keep art supplies orderly on a desk or craft table.  Markers and large paint brushes would keep from falling through the mesh design of the rack.  Tubes and small bottles of paint can […]

Repurpose Plastic Containers That Have Become Lid-Less

Repurpose Plastic Containers That Have Become Lid-Less

When a plastic container becomes lid-less, it doesn’t have to be the end for the container.  Consider repurposing it to hold small drink packet mixes, or seasoning mixes.  This will help keep your cabinets free of loose packets. Alternatively, if the lid-less container is large enough, it could be used to hold cleaning supplies under […]

Ghosts of Christmas Past: Weeding Out the Holiday Decorations

I love almost every part of the holiday season – the food, the company, the merriment – it’s my favorite time of the year.  So what’s the “almost every part” for?  The part I hate the most is digging out my big box of Christmas decorations from the attic.  First of all, it’s an uncomfortable space […]

Donate Your Old Cell Phone to a Worthy Cause

I recently upgraded my cell phone.  In doing so I was left with an old phone that did not have service and was not providing me use.  I did not want to throw the phone away as I’m sure there is an appropriate recycling method for cell phones nor did I want to keep it […]