Pantry Cooking – Shop Your Own Pantry and Save Money

If your children have recently left the nest, you may be surprised at how full your pantry still is. Or maybe you have been coupon shopping or shopping bulk, and now you have 15 boxes of rice pilaf and no idea how you accumulated so many! This post will help you shop your own pantry […]

Meal Planning That You Can do Right Now

There is a myth out there that meal planning has to be this amazingly hard thing, and that only stay at home moms really have time to do it. Well, I am here to help debunk that myth. I do understand how it can seem like meal planning can be this super hard thing. But […]

Mail Comes in, But Never Goes Out

Mail Comes in, But Never Goes Out

Do you at times find large piles of mail begin to accumulate on your kitchen table? Or on top of your desk, or even the stairs? Email seems to be the way that the world is going and yet it feels like we are getting even more junk mail than ever. Unfortunately paper junk mail […]

How To Avoid Folding Laundry

A status update came up on my Facebook feed from a friend the other day.  Her plea, “Ways around folding laundry?  And go…” She is the mother of two young children and I imagine there is no shortage of laundry in her home!  As I prepare myself for having a child, I was interested in […]

How To Store Everyday Items In A New Way

One challenge I face with my clients on a regular basis is how to store everyday items in a way that looks aesthetically pleasing and is functional.  I wanted to share this story about storing tea bags with the hope that it will inspire you to implement your own creative storage system for your everyday […]

Organizing and Family Dynamics

Most of the clients that contact us are living with some members of their family: spouse, kids, parents, grandparents. Our goal in working with our clients is to support their desire to get organized and the needs of the whole family. After all,  organizing is something that can affect the entire family. Now I live […]

Hang Laundry Delicate Bag from a Hanger

Do you find it difficult to keep your laundry orderly?  What about items designated to be washed in a delicate bag?  Here is a great idea (from a client) for keeping the delicate bag off the floor and easy to work with while filling on a daily basis.   All you need is your delicate […]

Painter’s Tape to Hang Artwork

Another fabulous idea I learned from a client: use painter’s tape to hold and display children’s artwork on the walls.  The tape can be used like a border for the picture and comes off cleanly to keep your walls looking great. If you’re not a fan of the blue, panter’s tape also comes in green. […]

Use a Ladder to Store and Display Magazines

The image of a stack of magazines piled up is not appealing to me.  It is difficult to see what magazines are available for viewing reducing the liklihood that I will take the time to look at it. A great alternative storage idea for magazines is to use a ladder.  This can either be a […]