Weekly Meal Planning- Living Peace Tuesday Tips

A little advanced meal planning can improve your health, your stress, and your peace of mind. In this video, Living Peace Founder, Erin Elizabeth Wells, offers her suggestions for how to make this process easier for you each week.  

Laundry Organizing- Living Peace Tuesday Tips

Getting laundry sorted and done consistently is part of all our daily lives. In this video, Hillary Adams Case offers a great tips for keeping clothes sorted and making them easily transportable to the dry cleaner, seamstress, or laundomat.

Non-Clothes Closet Organizing- Living Peace Tuesday Tips

Do you have a spare closet that is crammed full of stuff, and it seems like it’s about to jump out at you every time you open the door? This video with Living Peace Professional Organizer, Amanda Darlack, is for you offering two great suggestions for making that space more functional and helping you find […]

Organizing House Paint- Making Touch-ups Easy

Organizing House Paint- Making Touch-ups Easy

While I don’t really need another reason to validate my peanut butter consumption, I’ve found this tip to be a handy excuse to keep my favorite snack on hand! When you’ve finished painting a room – pour out the last of the can of paint into a peanut butter jar, labeling the top and sides […]