Repurpose and Reuse VHS Cases

Repurpose and Reuse VHS Cases

Do you recognize what these are from the picture?  Remember VHS tapes?  These are the plastic cases many VHS tapes came in.  Now that technology is shifting away from VHS tapes, what to do with all those cases?  Well, how about use them for craft supplies?  The cases in the photo are holding buttons, but […]

Use a Lazy Susan to Tame Craft Supplies

If you are a crafter, you know how many small supplies go along with your hobby; pens, scissors, pins/needles, tape measure, buttons, paint, the list goes on.  While these items are essential for the success of your work, they are also easy to lose.  Having a clear home for these items helps you stay productive […]

Erin’s Radio Interview with Mike Bonacorsi- Holistic Organizing

Erin Elizabeth Wells, Founder and CEO of Living Peace, joined Mike Bonacorsi once again on his weekly radio show on Tuesday, June 13, 2012 on Nashua’s 1590AM. Bonacorsi, a Certified Financial Planner, focuses his work on the Baby Boomer generation and preparing them for retirement. Mike and Erin were joined by Denyne Sanville, Interior Designer. […]