Electronic Cord Management- Living Peace Tuesday Tips

Gabriela Burgman, Living Peace Professional Organizer, shares some techniques she has tried to tame electronic cords. Products Mentioned: Wrapster by quirky (just saw these in the dollar section at Target)   Small bobino cord wrap for earbuds  GearTie by NiteIze Innovation  Velcro universal straps

Pantry Series- Part 3- Living Peace Tuesday Tips

Hillary Case, Living Peace Professional Organizer brings you the third in third in series devoted to pantry organizing. We are sad to say, that since the filming of this video, Hillary has moved and no longer has this beautiful pantry.  Stay tuned in the future to see what she does with her next pantry (if […]

Label your Containers

Label your Containers

The picture you see is of labeled plastic containers containing baking supplies.  Seems straightforward enough, right?  Well, my client had the right idea by purchasing these containers to store small like items together.  The trouble came when she (and other family members) forgot what was in the containers because the contents are not used on […]