How To Avoid Folding Laundry

A status update came up on my Facebook feed from a friend the other day.  Her plea, “Ways around folding laundry?  And go…” She is the mother of two young children and I imagine there is no shortage of laundry in her home!  As I prepare myself for having a child, I was interested in […]

Donation Resources- Living Peace Tuesday Tips

Melissa Belliard, Living Peace Professional Organizer, offers some suggestions for where to donate your unwanted goods. Clothing donations – Google your local thrift store, or try one of these organizations: Big Brothers Big Sisters: Vietnam Veterans of America: Goodwill: The Salvation Army: Here is the link to the original Tuesday Tip […]

Protecting Your Treasures; Archiving Part 3- Living Peace Tuesday Tips

Gabriela Burgmans, Living Peace Professional Organizer, brings you the third in a series devoted to long-term preservation of your treasures.  In this video, Gabriela discusses ideal conditions for keeping paper documents for long periods of time.   Resources Gabriela referred to: Gaylord – University Products – Archival Methods – Hollinger Metal Edge […]

How To Store Everyday Items In A New Way

One challenge I face with my clients on a regular basis is how to store everyday items in a way that looks aesthetically pleasing and is functional.  I wanted to share this story about storing tea bags with the hope that it will inspire you to implement your own creative storage system for your everyday […]